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With the new year now underway, many resolved, “This will be the year I will lose weight.” If that was your resolution again, how are you doing?  Repeated disappointment to lose weight requires a change in mindset. What do you really want—to lose weight or to be healthy?  Remind yourself it isn’t about losing weight. It’s about getting and keeping a healthy body. Weight is only one aspect of that goal. When you strive for better health through wiser food choices, weight loss will come―without all those weird, expensive, and/or dangerous diets.


So stop! Change that resolution now. Too many of us become discouraged with diets in a few short weeks. We may eat something that isn’t on our new “diet” and decide we are a failure. We aren’t. That’s the problem with all these “eat this, don’t eat that” rules. If you truly need to lose a few pounds, how can you do that without “going on a diet?”

  1. Eat more. That’s right. Too many starve themselves, feel weak and famished, and then try to make up for it by choosing foods or drinks that don’t help weight or how they feel. Intermittent diets have become popular. That is, choosing a time to skip eating. In the right conditions, it may help some people. But for most of us, it’s probably not a good idea.
  2. Look for ways to give up junk foods or extra snacks without missing them. So often we eat foods just because they are there. We aren’t hungry. We just want something to munch. Or we see food and think we have a responsibility to eat it. Not so. When you feel any of these urges, ask yourself if you want it, do you need it, or can you do something else to get your mind off eating.
  3. Stop eating when you aren’t hungry. This may be a continuation of the above. Are you starved for that bedtime snack? Will something bad happen if you take a few sips of water and go to bed without eating again? How about those break times? I know how tempting chocolate can be, but if you must indulge with everyone else, choose just one piece or one cookie you believe will have the fewest calories and walk away. Who will notice (or care) if you pick a bottle of water instead of some sugar-sweetened beverage? Ask yourself, “Should I allow others to dictate what I should and shouldn’t eat?”

Keep in mind that those with diabetes need to eat in sync with medications. When properly regulated, eating extra foods may not be necessary, and if they are, those in the junk food categories aren’t a good idea.

Stop the dieting habit. Many weight-loss diets are dangerous, and few people stick with them for very long. Healthy weight doesn’t depend on any one food. It depends on you making better choices and eating smaller amounts. Try it. What do you have to lose but unneeded weight? Happy new year.

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Do you anticipate holiday parties and then shudder to think of the calories you may consume? Fret no more. You can enjoy luscious tidbits without piling on extra weight.  Before the next party, consider the following pitfalls and avoid plunging into the calorie trap.

  • Avoid starving yourself all day. Your body fares better if you eat regular small meals during the day. Eat a light snack, like an apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter, before going to the party. You will be less hungry and less tempted to eat too much.
  • Avoid standing near the food table. Park yourself away from food. Talk more, eat less. Resist gulping down extra calories in beverages. Think black coffee, unsweetened teas and colas, or tonic water.
  • Avoid selecting pastries or high-fat dips and sauces. Red sauces usually contain fewer calories than white. White cheeses generally have fewer calories than yellow. Enjoy fresh plain vegetables and fruits. Dry-roasted nuts are nutritious yet lower in calories than many other party foods.

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) reminds revelers that “Alcohol is a cause of several cancers.” They recommend sticking to one standard serving of alcoholic beverage or a single 6-ounce serving (3/4 cup) of sweeten non-alcoholic drink. Add pieces of fruit to plain sparking water for a refreshing touch.

Select foods carefully during the holidays and take time to savor those you choose. As AICR suggests, “be creative in finding new ideas for flavor and refreshment.” You can enjoy delectable foods without the worry of that proverbial New Year’s resolution to lose weight gained during the festive season.

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