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While many believe skipping breakfast is the ideal solution to cutting calories and losing weight, possibly the opposite is true. New research confirms that food within the first few hours of the day may promote better health. Skipping breakfast possibly will cause:

  • Worse eating habits. Fasting at breakfast causes the brain to seek high-calorie foods. Even pictures of high-calorie foods trigger areas of the brain linked to reward and pleasure of eating.
  • Greater hunger. Those who fail to eat in the early morning are more likely to become hungry and seek calorie-laden foods.
  • Reduced activity. Individuals who skip breakfast tend to be less active.
  • Increased waist size. Adults who skipped breakfast as children and continued into adulthood may have a waist size nearly two inches greater than breakfast eaters.
  • Increased risk of heart disease. Those adults who have continued to skip breakfast since childhood acquire greater risks for heart problems.
  • High cholesterol. Skipping breakfast can elevate cholesterol levels.

It does matter if you break that fast with breakfast after a night without food. Some people say they can’t eat when they arise in the morning. Even something simple like yogurt or a high-protein breakfast drink or bar can help. Give it a try for a few weeks. It could improve your health. Not only that, you may even lose a pound or two. Now to most of us, that’s important.


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