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One-third of America’s children are overweight or obese. The beckoning calls of fast-foods, grocery aisles laden with high-calorie temptations, and ubiquitous bloated vending machines with high-salt high-fat offerings often sabotage healthy eating. What can be done to help children choose wisely and lose weight?

Education programs with simple solutions for weight-loss help children and parents. Studies in the 1990s showed that when overweight children attended educational classes on nutrition, one-third decreased their weight by twenty percent. Education of parents without their kids showed equal weight improvement for their off-spring. Parents recognized the damage of excessive weight to their children’s health.

What do parents need to know? They generally control food brought into the home. When buying trends shift toward more healthful eating, it impacts the entire family, especially children. Parents, who more readily understand the seriousness of their children’s weight problems, prepare and present meals lower in calories and higher in nutrient-dense foods. Substituting healthful snacks of fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese, or other nutritious foods for salty, fatty, and sweet foods offer a great start for controlling children’s weight.

More importantly, parents serve as role-models. Young children mimic what they see at home. Parents who eat healthy foods and exercise provide an invaluable example that will encourage children. What will you do? If you are a parent, check reliable sources for information. Below are resources that can guide you in combating excessive weight gain in your children.




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