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If like me, you would like to lose a few pounds of body weight. Well, maybe more than a few. With age, losing weight becomes more complex and challenging. How do we stop this run-away fat-train and reverse the damages? With the start of a new year, most of us become more mindful of our need to pay attention to how we treat our bodies.

On the start of 2015, keep these thoughts in mind.

  • Don’t stress out. Worrying about weight could be harmful. Some people tend to eat and snack more when stressed. Many grab any food available without thought of the limited nutritive value or excessive calories.
  • Get more sleep. A good night’s rest gives you energy to be more active throughout the day. Awakening refreshed helps to focus on the body’s needs instead of pumping in the caffeine to stay awake.
  • Plan ahead. While planning helps relieve stress, it may improve diet. When we wait until hungry to consider food, we often end up making poor choices. Decide on meals or snacks in advance. Plan to take an apple and nuts with you to work instead of snatching up a cola and cake at breaktime.
  • Enjoy your food. While our bodies need foods loaded with nutrients to remain healthy, food is meant to be enjoyed. Denying favorite foods seldom results in continued weight loss or management. Modify high-calorie favorite dishes to lower calories.
  • Appreciate yourself. Regardless of your current weight, God loves you, and I expect so do a lot of family and friends. If you need to lose weight—not because of vanity but for health reasons—remember Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” While you need to do your part, will-power often weakens when it comes to eating. Prayer is always a viable choice for needed help. Remember, you are worth staying healthy.

Have a happy and healthier new year.

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